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Darek explains how he got a job at Google as a software engineer without a Computer Science degree.

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Darek Johnson

Darek is an Ex-Google Engineer, Princeton Grad, and the CEO and Founder of Coachable.  He not only leads the company but also works as the head coach to assist applicants in landing their dream jobs. 

Darek can answer all of your questions surrounding becoming a FAANG software engineer.

You can ask questions like...
How many do software engineers at Google make?

How do you land a FAANG job?

What is the interview process like?

and more.

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Our Mission

Coachable believes that anyone that works hard deserves a great job. Everyone starts with a different set of privileges or resources - not everyone has access to structured schooling or mentors. Our goal is to provide our students with mentorship, structure, and guidance to make sure that anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves can attain their desired job and make a great living. Compared to other institutions, we focus on working with those that may not appear strong by conventional standards, but have the traits that make someone “Coachable”.