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  • Bethany Williams

How do I prepare for an interview with Google?

Question via Quora

Preparing for an interview at Google is something that should be given a good amount of time and dedication.

The best way to prepare for the SWE process is a 3 step process.

  1. Mock Interviews

  2. Python

  3. Data Structures and Algorithms

If you have a solid understanding and expert knowledge in Python + DS&A you will have a better chance of doing well in your interview.

As for the mock interview I mentioned, this is where most people need assistance. While it’s possible to practice Leetcode independently, finding someone who is familiar with the interview process at Google is a different task entirely.

To successfully prepare it is most helpful to find someone who works (or worked) at Google preciously and ask them to mentor you. This mentor will identify and work with you on strengthening weak points that may come out in the interview. They will also practice with you until you are comfortable answering any question with confidence.

So I’d suggest finding a mentor if you want to increase your odds of a job offer.

Darek Johnson is a great former Google Engineer turned founder that has helped 300+ people land FAANG SWE jobs through Coachable. I suggest starting there.

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