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How do I land a tech role at Microsoft?

Question via Quora.

There are a number of ways to land a tech role at Microsoft. One way is to attend one of the company's tech events, such as Inspire, Ignite, and Build. At these events, you can meet with recruiters and get a sense of what's available in the company. You can also meet with employees who work in the department you're interested in to get a better idea of what life is like at Microsoft.

Another way to land a tech role at Microsoft is to apply through the company's job site. There are many different job openings available at Microsoft in a wide range of departments and locations. You can search for jobs based on your interests and qualifications and submit your application online. If you aren't sure which department you'd like to work in, applying for general tech roles will put you in front of recruiters who can help guide you toward the best fit for you.

Finally, you can also reach out directly to recruiters or hiring managers at Microsoft and introduce yourself and express your interest in working for the company. This is often the best way to start a conversation and can lead to direct interviews with interested parties. In any case, the best way to land a tech role at Microsoft is to be proactive and persistent in your efforts.

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