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Are there any training courses for technical interview preparations?

Question via Quora

There are a lot of free training courses online for technical interviews, or just practice leetcode if you need assistance with technical preparation.

It would help to know what area you need help in though. Do you just need someone to assist you with Mock Interviews? Or do you need assistance in all areas as you look for a job?

I think there are better options than courses personally when preparing or aiming to land a high-paid competitive job.

A good option to take a look at is Coachable. This is a company I’m on the founding team of - I’m the CMO. We’ve helped over 300 people land jobs at FAANG+ companies in the past year using our strategically structure program.

This program helps you with coding fundamentals (python) and Algo + Data Structures, plus we also practice mock interviews with you and mentor you through the process of: finding jobs, landing interviews, and securing job offers. It’s best to find companies with guarantees also. Ours for example? You don’t pay us if we don’t get you a job making atleast $100K.

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