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Are Google interviews harder than Microsoft's?

Question via Quora.

Google’s interviews are certainly more extensive than Microsoft’s.

Although both Google and Microsoft are two of the most popular tech companies in the world, their interview processes differ significantly. Since Google is constantly looking for the best candidates to join the company, their interview process might be more rigorous than Microsoft’s.

Google’s recruiting team first screens all applications using an automated system. If you pass this screening, you will be invited to take a coding challenge called 'Codewrite'. The next step is to either schedule an in-person or telephonic interview with a recruiter.

The first step is usually a coding test, followed by an online test, and then a face-to-face interview. The coding test is a continuous 45-minute test that tests your problem-solving by giving you random coding questions. The online test follows up on more specific details of the job you applied for and has many case study questions. Finally, the face-face interview involves more personal questions about your interests and goals in life.

After the interview, debriefers from the team that you applied for will assess if you are a good fit for the position. If so, you will receive an offer letter from the team that you applied for.

The interview process at Google is much longer than at Microsoft. You will have to go through many interviews spanning over a month before you are finally hired.

Microsoft's process is similar to Google's except for two main differences: 1) there is no automated screening and 2) coding challenges are optional instead of mandatory for Microsoft.

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