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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Coachable?

Here are a few of the countless reasons:

- Increased Pay: Our median graduate receives 145k in total compensation after Coachable.

- 1-1 Mentorship: You get to work 1-1 with an experienced software engineer from a FAANG company to make sure you get a great job.

- Mock Interviews with coaches that interview at their own FAANG company. Companies typically have a cooldown period of 1-year before you can interview again. Doing mock interviews with Coachable identifies weaknesses so you can solidify them before the actual interview.

- Referral Network: The Coachable referral network spans 20+ tech companies which ensures you are able to get the interview once you’re interview-ready.

I can't afford the deposit. Are there any options for me?

We understand the deposit may not be accessible to all and we will do our best to accommodate where possible. We are currently working on a program that will offer options for those who demonstrate commitment and dedication throughout the first few weeks in the program.

When can I join?

Coachable is a 100% online program that starts once you enroll. You can complete it at your own pace, working through the program as quickly or as slowly as you choose.

How much does Coachable cost?

Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are a form of deferred payment, allowing students to focus on learning — and not on financing. With our ISA, you pay nothing until after you start working a job that earns at least your target minimum salary.

Check out our pricing page for more details.

How does ISA work?

Our ISA is always based on a percentage of the total compensation for any job you receive through completing the Coachable program. You will pay a % of your salary for x months to Coachable.

I already have a job.

Is Coachable for me?

We’ve worked with candidates with 20+ years of experience to get roles paying $400k and new graduates getting their first tech job and we understand there is no Income Share Agreement that will work for everyone.

If you already have done internships or have work experience, we can work together to find income share terms that work for you

How much of a time commitment is Coachable?

The program in total takes ~300 hours. Typically our students commit around 30-hours per week to finish the program within 3 months.This is not a hard rule and we do not drop students. We understand that things come up and our coaches will adapt to your situation as needed.

Where is Coachable?

All lessons and resources provided are fully online. No relocation or commute is required.

I'm graduating soon (2022 or 2023). What are my options?

For college students (masters or undergrad) graduating in 2023, we would want you to join before July 1st. You work with us over the summer of 2022 and interview in the fall (~August) for positions that start in 2023 after you graduate.

How does the application process work?

1. Once you submit your application, we’ll schedule an initial consultation to share more about Coachable.

2. From there, we’ll send a 3-hour coding challenge through HackerRank and also schedule a phone call with one of our coaches to better understand your technical background. We don’t expect you to complete all of the questions, but we encourage you to complete as many as possible.

3. Our team will review the feedback and if you are accepted, we’ll schedule another call with one of our talent managers to discuss how to get started in the program.

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Our Mission

Coachable believes that anyone that works hard deserves a great job. Everyone starts with a different set of privileges or resources - not everyone has access to structured schooling or mentors. Our goal is to provide our students with mentorship, structure, and guidance to make sure that anyone who is willing to dedicate themselves can attain their desired job and make a great living. Compared to other institutions, we focus on working with those that may not appear strong by conventional standards, but have the traits that make someone “Coachable”.